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As China is a rapidly developing country, there are many social needs due to conservative thinking and financial pressures on the extended family.


Orphans and disabled people are two groups in China who are often neglected. The statement "children are the future" is true regardless of their family background and physical capabilities. With proper care and guidance all children, including orphans and disabled children, can contribute to a better tomorrow.


University students are also a group who are at an important stage in their life.  They way they form their moral values can shape the people they will become in society.

Social Projects

This is an overview of all social projects in Jian Hua Foundation. For more detail, check the project's own page by clicking on the project title.


Project involving educating university students in HIV/AIDS prevention, sex education and life values. 


Please contact project manager Ann Robertson for more information.


Tianjin Special Education Program

Project involving classrooms and therapy centres serving families affected by disability in Tianjin city.


Write to  JHF.Specialkids for more information.



This program is run by JHF associates Uwe & Dorothee Brutzer, and Johannes & Maya Roch.  The project aims to both sponsor deaf children to attend school and also focuses on recovery speech therapy to allow deaf children to be able to speak.


Please contact project manager Uwe Brutzer for more information.



Orphan Care in Yunnan

There are altogether four active orphan care homes run by JHF in Yunnan.


Rainbow Homes of Hope in Lijiang has three homes and Blue Sky Loving Home is in Ninglang. 


Please contact Kheng Hee Seow for more information.

Would you like to be involved in supporting any of these projects?  Please click here How to give to JHF for more details
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