Opportunities to serve with JHF in China

JHF associates serve in many capacities across China. Here are some current long-term opportunities. For more information and on how to join JHF, please contact JHF Applications. For opportunities to serve for less than six months check our short-term programs.


Looking for a baker for Bach’s Bakery, Changsha. See attached file.

Teaching & Medical

Opportunities vary, these are examples of available options.



Beijing – Peking University is seeking to recruit international teachers to join the national program of Biomedical English teaching and research in the Department of Applied Linguistics at Peking University Institute for Medical Humanities.

This post is available from end of August 2016. To apply, please send a resume in English with a recent ID photo attached, copy of last degree to fanxiaofei@bjmu.edu.cn & guolp@bjmu.edu.cn. The resume should include information on education and employment history, achievement in teaching and research, and publication details.


Chengdu - Wanted English Teacher

A foreign owned company needs a native English teacher. The company is located in a good compound and has a pleasant teaching environment. There are two options to apply teacher position in our company. 


Hezuo, Gansu Province

Teachers' College require an English Teacher with Teachers Education & TESOL, minimum 2 years' working experience in China.


Shanghai (part-time teaching)

Luodian Cultural Center English Class is looking a teacher who can teach children on Saturdays.

Putian (Fujian Province)

Putian University needs the following:

1) Accounting teacher - needs a Master's degree.

Weihai (Shandong Province)

The Jian Hua School of Foreign Languages urgently needs English teachers for the spring term (starting March 1) and beyond. Families and those with a long-term commitment to China are especially welcome. More information can be found at http://www.jhschool.net


Qinghai and Gansu Provinces


Many teaching opportunities in Gansu, both in Lanzhou and in the countryside


Qinghai (Medical)
Red Cross Hospital of Xining

Doctors of any specialty

Nurses (with Master's Degree, in specialised area)


Occupational therapists


Nurse practitioners


Masters degree minimum; good Mandarin (2-3 years); 2-year perspective at the hospital


2 medical elective students/year for 2 months; knowing some Mandarin would be a plus



Paul deMena of Healthy Foundations

Medical doctors, nurses, business people, early childhood educators, etc., ... all are welcome!  If they are looking for a platform and a team to join, we’d love to talk with them.  And if they feel led to learn more, they are always welcome to come take a look at the work here... no strings attached.

For more details, contact Philip and Joan Bush (philip.bush@jhf-china.org)


Other opportunities

These are only a few of the opportunities for prospective associates. There may be other openings in the above cities, as well as in other JHF clusters, such as Changsha (Hunan Province), Fujian Province and Taiyuan (Shanxi Province).  There is also a growing need in the area of geriatrics.



English teachers should normally have a Bachelors degree, a TESOL/TEFL qualification and two years relevant experience. In some cases Masters-level qualifications may be required. However, there are also a few opportunities for less experienced (but fully qualified) teachers. Occasionally there may be some flexibility on qualifications where there are specific reasons (such as extensive prior experience).


Other teachers will normally have qualifications similar to what is required for comparable jobs in their home country. To teach “content-based” subjects at a university, Masters or Doctoral qualifications are necessary.


For more information on these opportunities, and how to join JHF, please contact JHF Applications.


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