An open door for professionals to serve with

JHF in China


  • Education and Cultural Exchange

    English language teachers working in universities and schools all over China.

    Opportunities for other language teachers are also available.

    Opportunities to teach specialist subjects at universities and at pre-university level are increasing.

  • Medical Services

    Community health, village and township doctor training programs, hospital development.

  • Development Programs

    Agriculture, community projects, poverty alleviation and disaster relief.

  • Caring for China’s Children

    Special education trainers and teachers work with special needs children (mentally and physically challenged), train teachers and provide support for families.

    Orphan care homes (Rainbow Homes of Hope and Blue Sky Loving Home) provide a loving environment and nurture for children in need.


  • Business

    Modelling good business practices with integrity and expertise to benefit employees and the community at large.

  • Language Study

    Excellent language study program in Tianjin for Mandarin Chinese and elsewhere for minority languages.

JHF News

08/21/12 JHF 2011 Annual Report

Making a Difference in China - JHF 2011 Annual Report marks the 30th anniversary of Jian Hua Foundation. It is our hope with this 2011 annual report to highlight not only accomplishments of the year, but to look back at some of the history that has made us the organization we are today.[more]

08/07/12 JHF Wuming Summer English Camp 2012

This is the ninth year Jian Hua and Wuming School have held an English Summer Camp for over 100 secondary students in Wuming, a small city north of Nanning, Guangxi. The purpose is to improve their English communication skills, to foster friendships and for them to better understand different cultures. The ten-day camp included indoor and outdoor activities. [more]

07/26/12 Three special kids' sharing

Latest Tianjin Special Education Program newsletter gives insight into three kids' lives, continue to read about five year old Chuan Chuan and 16 year old Hao Jia Yu...[more]

07/03/12 Children's Day Celebration with Parents and Games

The latest SEP Program Newsletter from Tianjin tells us about the Parenting Games on 31 May 2012...[more]

05/29/12 Bright Future for teenagers and Special Education for children

Bright Future started six years ago in Tianjin and has been steadily training university students on interpersonal relationships. JHF Special Education Autism Therapy for ten years has brought fruit to children, parents and teachers alike.[more]

04/03/12 New Semester Begins at the Special Education Program

Read about the activities of the Tianjin's Special Education Program at the start of this new semester.[more]

03/13/12 There is Always Sunshine After a Storm

A father writes about his own heart-wrenching experience of having a child with disabilities and how he overcame the struggles of bringing up his son, Song Song with the help of the JHF Special Education Program in Tianjin.[more]

03/13/12 Networking From Within

Networking From Within was the theme of JHF 2012 Annual Conference held over the Spring Break at the Harbour Plaza Resort City, Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong.[more]

02/09/12 JHF SEP Christmas Program

The JHF Special Education Program in Tianjin has produced yet again another successful Christmas program in December 2011. In this new issue of the newsletter, we read from the heart of a mother, teacher and one of the emcees of that program. [more]

08/09/11 JHF Summer English Camp in Wuming, Guangxi

For the eighth consecutive year, students in Wuming, a small city just north of Nanning, improved their English skills, made new friends and learned more about other cultures. All this happened through the exciting activities – both inside and outside of the classroom – of the 2011 Summer English Camp.[more]

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