An open door for professionals to serve with

JHF in China


  • Education and Cultural Exchange

    English language teachers working in universities and schools all over China.

    Opportunities for other language teachers are also available.

    Opportunities to teach specialist subjects at universities and at pre-university level are increasing.

  • Medical Services

    Community health, village and township doctor training programs, hospital development.

  • Development Programs

    Agriculture, community projects, poverty alleviation and disaster relief.

  • Caring for China’s Children

    Special education trainers and teachers work with special needs children (mentally and physically challenged), train teachers and provide support for families.

    Orphan care homes (Rainbow Homes of Hope and Blue Sky Loving Home) provide a loving environment and nurture for children in need.


  • Business

    Modelling good business practices with integrity and expertise to benefit employees and the community at large.

  • Language Study

    Excellent language study program in Tianjin for Mandarin Chinese and elsewhere for minority languages.

JHF News

10/15/13 How two special kids bloomed as a result of the SEP classes

Sensory integration classes helped Fei Fei and classes for autistic children helped Sun Zi Yi adjust to changes.[more]

09/19/13 Music activity brings joy to students

The SEP Program has been using music, dancing and games to help students develop creativity. [more]

09/16/13 2012 Annual Report

The 2012 Jian Hua Annual Report reviews the work of our associates throughout 2012 across the Land of China.[more]

07/18/13 Tianjin Special Education Program's Positive Stories

Read about the past six months' work, including the Annual Christmas Show, what it meant for parents to see their children perform, and how the SEP teachers help to prepare the children for elementary school...[more]

06/27/13 Blue Sky Loving Home new opening on 2 June 2013

The Yunnan opening ceremony took place on Sunday where Professor Patrick Cheng, chairman of JHF HK Board, attended with some associates present... [more]

02/26/13 Walking with the Master at Work

JHF 2013 Annual Conference was held at Belle Vista in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Bill Job was the main speaker. [more]

12/04/12 Programs in counties of NingHe & QingXian

The Tianjin Special Education Program for special needs children are supporting programs in the counties of NingHe and QingXian.[more]

11/06/12 Children's Outing

JHF's SEP Teachers brought special kids on a fun-filled outing to a recreational park in Wuqing District. [more]

10/09/12 Teachers give empowerment to mothers

A Tianjin Special Education Program (SEP) teacher tells us about how they empower mothers to look after their autistic kids and one such mother writes about how she is enabled to look after her child. To read more... [more]

09/04/12 Music and speech therapy for special needs kids

Teacher of ten years at the Tianjin SEP writes about her experience in using music and speech therapy with special needs kids. [more]

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