An open door for professionals to serve with

JHF in China


  • Education and Cultural Exchange

    English language teachers working in universities and schools all over China.

    Opportunities for other language teachers are also available.

    Opportunities to teach specialist subjects at universities and at pre-university level are increasing.

  • Medical Services

    Community health, village and township doctor training programs, hospital development.

  • Development Programs

    Agriculture, community projects, poverty alleviation and disaster relief.

  • Caring for China’s Children

    Special education trainers and teachers work with special needs children (mentally and physically challenged), train teachers and provide support for families.

    Orphan care homes (Rainbow Homes of Hope and Blue Sky Loving Home) provide a loving environment and nurture for children in need.


  • Business

    Modelling good business practices with integrity and expertise to benefit employees and the community at large.

  • Language Study

    Excellent language study program in Tianjin for Mandarin Chinese and elsewhere for minority languages.

JHF News

08/04/07 JHF Classroom Recognized as Model Classroom by Central Government

In March 2007 the Beijing Central Government Disabled Person’s Federation (DPF) recognized the efforts of the Tianjin Special Education Program to help families with autistic children and pronounced the JHF classroom a model program.[more]

07/09/07 A Year of Growth with the Mothers and Children of Qing Xian

The Jian Hua Foundation Qing Xian Mother and Child Whole Health Training Project in Hebei province came to a festive close on 1 June 2007 with an exciting trip to the Tianjin Zoo![more]

05/18/07 Water Project Opening in Menyuan, Qinghai

On the 15th of May the Menyuan County Water Project was officially opened! We are excited and thankful to be involved in helping to supply clean drinking water to villagers in Menyuan county, Qinghai. [more]

12/07/06 The Huangnan School Sponsorship Project

I have started with this project in June 2005. The goal of the project is to sponsor 40 Tibetan high school students for the last three years of their high school education and in this way make it possible for them to graduate from high school. Research in Huangnan showed that the average cash income of farmers in this area is 1200 RMB per year. Farmers do not sell their crops but need it for the family to live on. Cash is generated from harvesting caterpillar fungus in spring or doing extra jobs in the winter season.[more]

12/05/06 Special Education Program News

The student of the week is Liang Bo.  He is a 20 year old young man with Down Syndrome and this is his first year is any kind of educational setting.  What did LB do before?  As long as he stayed "out of the way" it really didn't matter what LB did at home.  Essentially his day was watching TV and eating.  So why did we go and mess up a perfect existence and make LB go to school?  Because his parents had grown tired of their cute lovable little boy who is now not so cute and lovable as a 20 year old still acting like a 3 year old.  So, did Liang Bo just take to waking up early every day and going through the routine of class.  NO WAY!  It was after about 6 months of class that Liang Bo stopped "pretending" to b[more]

10/24/06 Special Education Program News

The person of the week is a western volunteer named Sue Foard from the UK.  Sue has been in China on and off for a number of years.  Mechanically minded and with a heart to serve the disabled person of China she has been single handedly building the wheelchair repair portion of the vocational training program.  Through her tireless efforts the hearing impaired man she is training is now able to repair the MANY broken wheelchairs out at the local orphanage for older children.  How exciting to see these wonderful wheelchairs being able to be refitted and used by the residents of the facility.  How impressive to watch this deaf worker that the government considered untrainable doing most of the repair and maintenance work.  How entertaining to see the face o[more]

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