Studying Chinese in China

For anyone considering living and working in China longer term, for instance, for more than three years, it is essential to learn some Chinese. 


Language is the key to the culture and very often also to the heart of the people. The higher one's level of competence in spoken Chinese, the deeper will be one's appreciation for the Chinese people and their culture, and the more effective one's communication with them. 

Although learning Chinese is challenging, it is definitely worthwhile and brings many rewards.

JHF advises longer-term associates to set aside two to three years for full-time language study in China.


We have a special language program in Tianjin, near Beijing, that:

  • Offers one-to-one tuition with well-trained teachers;
  • Focuses on acquisition of the spoken language, enabling language learners to relate to Chinese people in daily conversation and everyday work situations;
  • Aims to bring JHF language learners to a high proficiency in speaking, listening and reading, as well as giving the basics in writing skills.

Start learning Chinese and an exciting new world will begin to open up!


JHF also finds positions for those wishing to study a second language such as Tibetan, Uygur, Kazak, or Mongolian.


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