Purpose and Vision Statements



JHF's purpose is to serve the communities of China with hope and love.



JHF's vision is to be a respected and people-focused organization which places high value on innovation and excellence. Our aim is that through our lives and work we will equip and enable people to become long term change-makers bringing hope and benefits to China.



JHF is an international organization, recruiting professionals from many different countries to serve the peoples of China. Our focus is both the Han Chinese majority and also the national minority people groups, and we are particularly concerned for the poorer, more remote parts of the country. JHF is a non-profit, limited company incorporated under Hong Kong company law, which has been granted charitable status. JHF has a Christian ethos and background; however, JHF does not get involved in political issues nor engage in religious activities unacceptable to China. 

JHF encourages language acquisition and cultural adaptation on the part of its staff and associates, and arranges language study programs in both Mandarin Chinese and various minority languages. 


JHF seeks to help those it sends to China be more effective by providing orientation, on-going advice, organizing medical insurance, in-service training, and giving practical help and care. 




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