Tianjin Special Education Program

Pre-school children sing a counting song.  Primary grades work on reading skills.  Young teens learn about washing their clothes.  These are rather ordinary scenes. 


They could be any children in the world, but they are disabled children in China.  The JHF model classrooms provide training in specialised skills for children with no other options.  Practical love is demonstrated through meeting felt needs:  the need of children to have a place where they can discover the joy of learning; the need for parents to connect with others who understand and accept them unconditionally; the need for local government officials and educators to catch the vision of how a special-needs classroom can work; and the need for the community to have positive opportunities to interact with the children.


The JHF classrooms provide services for children with autism, cerebral palsy, mental challenges, and hearing impairments.  These classrooms are a window on how special education can work in China.  They are strategically placed in Tianjin, near Beijing, at a time when mandates from the central government dictate that disabled children receive education.






More about the Special Education Program

Future Vision: Training Centre

At present, there are neither sites nor curriculum for training government workers to help the disabled.  Donations to TJ-SEP-TC give JHF teacher trainers the resources they need to build curriculum and provide training to child care workers from all over China.  One example is the hands-on therapy training shown in the picture. As the teacher trainers are local teachers who share JHF values, they provide professional training while modeling sacrificial love and integrity, initiating changes in child care at a variety of levels.


Present Needs: Sponsorship Opportunities

JHF classrooms provide appropriate special education and therapy.  Most of the teachers, who are all Chinese, show their love for the children, their hope beyond the simple "physical" improvement of the child, and their ability to care shines out to whoever is in the classroom.  Each JHF classroom is in the process of becoming fully Chinese-run and Chinese-supported. 

Classroom Sponsorship: donations to TJ-SEP-CS help offset the running costs (US$15,000/year) for a classroom, until full local sponsorship from local businesses can be obtained. 


TJ-Special Children and Wonderful Teachers

Wei Wei has autism.  His parents had already tried cures in hospitals all over China before they found the JHF Special Education Program.  For the first time in his life Wei Wei discovered he could participate and succeed in a classroom setting.  At the Parent Support Group, his mother learned some ideas on how to make bath time less stressful from another parent whose son is very similar to her own.  Teachers skilled in special education, therapy, and parent training are the key.  A donation to TJ-SEP-TS provides opportunities for further training for these men and women who are choosing to make a difference in the lives of so many children and their families.

Manager: Teacher Wang
Email: jhf.specialkids(at)jhf-china.org
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Location: Tianjin City
Project Time Frame: Ongoing
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