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JHF has many openings for teachers

·   English or specialist subjects at universities

·   International schools or mainstream Chinese schools

·   Pre-schools or kindergartens


What can JHF offer prospective teachers in China?

·   Assistance in gaining an initial teaching contract

·   Advice on the process of moving to China

·   Orientation to life in China

·   Ongoing personal support through your local cluster

·   Ongoing professional advice and support including certified TESOL courses offered in China

For more information:

Email jhf.applications AT or phone +852 3752 5100


(or for European enquiries emaildoug.plummer AT


08/07/12 JHF Wuming Summer English Camp 2012

This is the ninth year Jian Hua and Wuming School have held an English Summer Camp for over 100 secondary students in Wuming, a small city north of Nanning, Guangxi. The purpose is to improve their English communication skills,...[more]

08/09/11 JHF Summer English Camp in Wuming, Guangxi

For the eighth consecutive year, students in Wuming, a small city just north of Nanning, improved their English skills, made new friends and learned more about other cultures. All this happened through the exciting activities –...[more]

12/21/10 Zhuang Character Script Project Completes First Phase

On 11 December, scholars from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Beijing Normal University joined the closing ceremony of the initial phase of the Zhuang Character Script Project in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous...[more]

08/02/10 TESOL - Preparing to Teach English in China

JHF’s new English Teacher Training Project completed its third TESOL course in July in Tianjin. Four hard-working trainees finished the course, which ran from 5-24 July, 2010. The next course, a 10-week part-time version, is set...[more]

08/12/09 JHF Teachers Make a Difference in Shandong Province

Mike and Pam Collier, teachers in Shandong University of Science and Technology, are making significant contributions in the areas of Engineering and English. Mike has co-authored two books with his university colleagues, the...[more]

08/27/08 An Ancient Writing System Enters the Computer Age

The ancient writing system of Zhuang includes more than 10,000 unique symbols made by taking bits and pieces of Chinese characters and combining them in new ways. Can a computer handle that?[more]

08/04/08 Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Fun English camps run by the JHF Earthquake Response Team use song, story and art to bring comfort, laughter and hope to children impacted by the 12 May earthquake in Sichuan province.[more]

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