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Rainbow Homes of Hope - Lijiang, Yunnan

In 1999 Jian Hua Foundation (JHF) helped to establish the first family-style orphanage in Yunnan, south-west China, called "The Rainbow Homes of Hope". Currently there are three homes accommodating 19 children. 


Most of these children came from very poor homes in the surrounding mountain villages of Lijiang City (Yunnan province) and are from different ethnic backgrounds: Naxi, Han, Bai, Pumi and Yi. Their parents died of illness, traffic accidents, suicide and natural disasters, or just deserted their children. They are all in need of the kind of care that Rainbow Homes provides.


"It is more than an orphanage, it is a home"

The four homes were established to create a "Family for Orphans", where the children will grow and be nurtured in a warm, secure and loving family environment. Each home has Christian house parents (a couple) or 1-2 house mothers, and local workers who help with the cooking and assist the children with their homework. The aim is for each home to have 6-8 children aged from three to teenagers. The children stay in the homes until they finish their formal education and are able to earn their own living. As these children grow and mature, they learn how to make a meaningful contribution to society and country - hopefully they will one day take their turn in sharing their love with others in need.


Blue Sky Loving Home - Ninglang, Yunnan

On 10 March 2006, JHF's new orphanage, the Blue Sky Loving Home in Ninglang, Yunnan celebrated its official opening.  Nearly 80 Chinese government officials from Lijiang and Ninglang attended the banquet and opening ceremony with the children and staff of the home.


Having seen the success of the Rainbow Homes of Hope (JHF orphanage project in Lijiang), JHF was invited by Ninglang local officials to open an orphanage in Ninglang, a remote area of Yunnan Province. The need for such a home is great in Ninglang as it is recognised as one of the poorest areas in Yunnan. Most of the people in this area are of the Yi minority.


With a generous donation from an American organisation, Sunrise Educational Foundation, the renovation work for the Blue Sky Loving Home started in April 2005. In just nine months, it has become home for 90 people, accommodating 65 children from several minorities including Yi, Bai, Han, Lisu, Mosuo, Naxi and Pumi, living together with three JHF associates, 17 local workers and their five children.


JHF sincerely appreciates the encouragement and support that the Blue Sky Loving Home has received from various local government departments. As the children grow and mature, they are learning to contribute in a meaningful way to their community and country. It is our hope that one day they will take their turn in sharing love with others in need.

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