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 "Building  China"


This is the meaning of "Jian Hua" in Chinese and is the aim of the projects that we do.  Many Jian Hua associates and staff whether they have foreign or Chinese nationality have moved to a rural community in China with both professional skills and life experience.  Their aim as "outsiders" is to integrate into the community sharing their lives with the local people they are amongst.  This involves learning from the local people, their language, culture, customs and the way that they function as a community.  By building bonds of personal and professional relationships, ideas can be exchanged and as outsiders, opportunities to help the community develop itself can be established.


Working alongside doctors and nurses in the local hospital, working with farmers on their land, using engineering skills to bring clean water or simply parents sharing ideas on children’s education are examples of the way that JHF associates and staff have entered and become part of communities in China. 


The way that JHF associates and staff enter the community usually takes the form of a "project". The ideal eventual aim of each project is to place its management from outsiders' hands into local hands.  Each project idea within JHF is approved and monitored by a committee called PAMEC (Project Approval Monitoring and Evaluation Committee).  PAMEC is made up of JHF associates and staff from different regions of China and careful consideration is given to each new project idea before it is started in the community.  Support and advice are given to the project manager as the project progresses and is evaluated and this sometimes comes from sources outside of JHF.  This process helps us to learn from the past and aims to raise the quality assurance and accountability of the project work we do.


We also have many JHF associates working with other organzations in both rural and urban development projects in Yunnan. In Shanxi province JHF has many associates serving with the organisation Evergreen  which is also involved in many areas of development project work.  


Do you have experience in agriculture, rural development, natural resource management, public health, or literacy work? You could make a difference in China!

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