Qualifications for teaching


Most JHF teachers teach English at a university. The usual qualifications are a Bachelor degree plus 2 year teaching experience and/or a TESOL or a TEFL certificate. Exceptions may occasionally be made where there is a good reason to do so. Some universities are now asking for higher qualifications, such as an MA in TESOL. Where applicants do not have a TESOL qualification, JHF may be able to either provide a suitable short course in China or recommend one in the home country. It is very desirable to be a native speaker, but extremely fluent second-language speakers will also be considered. 


University English teachers with little or no prior experience will be placed in a university where they can be mentored by an experienced JHF teacher for their first year. This mentoring, however, consists of advice and should not be seen as a substitute for a proper TESOL qualification.


JHF associates also teach in other areas including:

  • content-based subjects at universities, such as business, management, finance, computing, engineering and nursing
  • international schools
  • kindergartens


There are also occasional opportunities to teach in mainstream Chinese schools.


In all these, qualifications should be similar to what is required for similar work in home countries. Again, occasional exceptions may be made where there is good reason. Where it is appropriate and practical, mentoring may also be arranged for inexperienced teachers in all these areas.


While all applications from suitably qualified people are welcome, JHF is particularly keen to recruit well-experienced and well-qualified teachers who can contribute to the development of their placement schools/universities and/or support less-experienced JHF colleagues.


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