JHF Medical and Social Services

"I was amazed at the way your doctors showed such individual and loving concern for the patients. It was very moving."

Quote from a Chinese Surgeon


For over 20 years, JHF has been organizing teams of medical doctors, nursing specialists, and dentists to share their expertise in China - on a short-term basis. Such teams, made up of a variety of specialties, are always welcomed warmly by their Chinese hosts.


In more recent years, opportunities for longer-term medical involvement have opened up. JHF associates are working closely with local Public Health officials and hospitals in setting up training programs and in organizing team visits.


We have nursing educators involved in midwifery and child-care training programs in various provinces. We have also helped arrange medical electives for medical students wanting a short term placement in China.


Other associates are involved with disabled children and with orphans.


In the city of Tianjin, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and special education experts have been working with needy children and training local staff. This work goes hand in hand with a classroom sponsorship program.

In Yunnan, Rainbow Homes of Hope, four "home-based" orphan care facilities provide a nurturing environment for a number of children in Lijiang. Recently the Blue Sky Loving Home opened in Ninglang to provide a home for 60 orphans.

Due to the sheer enormity of the task, China's social and medical needs are not being met adequately.  There are places for qualified people from overseas to help.

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For details of medical services and projects, see MEDICAL SERVICES.


For details of social services and projects, see SOCIAL SERVICES AND ORPHAN CARE.


07/28/14 New Website for Expecting and New parents (English & Chinese)

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11/06/12 Children's Outing

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05/29/12 Bright Future for teenagers and Special Education for children

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04/03/12 New Semester Begins at the Special Education Program

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