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Introduction to China's Health Care


Jian Hua Foundation Medical Services has many years of experience in short- and long-term medical programs in China. 


Healthcare services in China have undergone major changes since she adopted an open-door policy to the rest of the world during the 1980's. The major shift in healthcare provision over the last twenty years has been from a socialized healthcare service (one aspect of the "iron-rice bowl" provision of the Mao-era) to the market system of today. The introduction of market forces has meant that healthcare providers are now competing to provide services. Whilst this has led to significant benefits for the more affluent areas, the associated healthcare costs mean that these services are fast becoming unaffordable for much of the general population.


Financial responsibility for healthcare services has been gradually decentralized which has meant that poorer provinces and counties struggle to raise funds required to maintain the healthcare services. This has resulted in chronic under-funding in all aspects of the medical services including staff salaries, maintenance of health facilities, disease prevention work and investment in training.


JHFMS is working in partnership with local authorities to address some of these needs.


If you are a medical professional and would like more information about serving with JHF either long- or short-term then please contact us at  JHF Medical


Medical Projects

This is an overview of medical projects that are connected with Jian Hua Foundation.

Subsidized Hernia Operations

This program is overseen by Dr Jonathan Juzi in connection with the Red Cross Hospital in Xining.  The project is working very well, largely due to the good cooperation with the Red Cross Society of Qinghai.  The project aims to provide subsidized operations for children from poor rural families in Qinghai Province with inguinal hernias. So far over 800 children have been operated on.


Please contact project manager Dr Jonathan Juzi for more information.

Qinghai Samaritan Fund

The Qinghai Samaritan Fund helps pay for medical care for the poor.


Many rural families can not afford to pay for the treatment of their family members – this mostly hits the weakest, most of whom are babies, especially girls (nobody is willing to lend money for them). After assessing the patients’ situation by a committed team of local and foreign people this team offers help on a financial, medical and personal basis.


Please contact project manager Dr Claudia Juzi for more information.

If you would like to be involved in supporting any of JHF's projects, please click How to Give to JHF for more information.
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