We don’t accept payment in Salt (as they did in ancient China), but you’ll find our costs quite reasonable…

Use the “contact form” (or Facebook link at the top of each page) to ask for details, but here are some of the dates and numbers you might be looking for.

New associates can start twice a year. The application deadlines are:

  • 31 May for Summer intake (August orientation)
  • 30 October for Spring intake (Chinese New Year orientation/conference)

Costs: (all are shown in Hong Kong dollars; subject to change without notice)

    1. A non-refundable application fee of HK$1000 per person or HK$1,850 for a married couple is required to start the formal application process (though we welcome questions and a dialog before that).
    2. All associates pay a basic annual fee: (effective Jan 1, 2024)
      Annual fee for singles, serving in Asia*: HK$2000
      Annual fee for couples/families, serving in Asia*: HK$3000
      *at least three months of the year
      Annual fee for singles, serving outside Asia: HK$1000
      Annual fee for couples/families, serving outside Asia: HK$1500
    3. The JHF Orientation Program for a new associate (participation required; ask us about the cost; usually in conjunction with our annual conference).
    4. Associates are expected to attend an annual conference (around Chinese New Year; location varies); you need to work this into your budget. Costs for associates in 2024 (Penang, in US$): US$340 per adult; $150 per child 4-17 yrs; under 4 no extra cost. Extra fees may apply (extra bed, extra room, etc). Non-associates can also apply to attend; 2024 Cost US$610/$150.
    5. A few associates raise donations for the foundation and then apply for grants to help cover costs that would strain their local salary, such as annual conference, medical insurance, pension contributions, travel for multiple children, visas, and expenses related to their profession. Additional administrative fees may apply to such funds, depending on your nationality and circumstances (e.g., 7.7% admin fee in Hong Kong). Various regulations and procedures apply; if interested, please inquire early in the application process.

JHF sets no specified “expected budget,” and associates enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to things like relocation, reporting, and use of leisure time.

Contact us for details, or with specific questions.

All fees are given in Hong Kong Dollars unless otherwise noted. For an approximate cost in other currencies, please check XE.com – The Universal Currency Converter ®. In 2023, HK$1000 was approximately US$130.

Almost all organizations have a fee for association. JHF’s fees help to provide:

  • Secure email address/system (includes shared “cabinet” for key documents); among other things, this promotes safer connections between associates and among our partners
  • Member Care through Barnabas International, online or in person (JHF’s national boards have additional resources to help associates on home assignment)
  • Home office staff in Hong Kong (our full time Finance Manager keeps up with all associate accounts & HK donor communication, and helps with service projects in HK)
  • Home office facilities (in HK)
  • Annual conference/training (extra costs apply)
  • Access to TTC group health insurance policy (ask for details)
  • Crisis management/security (nearby in HK)
  • Basic website (information for those seeking us)
  • Orientation for new associates
  • Regional meetings/conferences/retreats (not available in all locations/regions)
  • On-site field visits (as the staff/directors are able)
  • Tax-reporting receipts for any donations to the work of any associate, if received inside HK (some of our international partners can also issue receipts)
  • Cooperative MOUs with several like-minded agencies (we may be able to help your organization if it does not have a strong presence in Asia)
  • Payroll support (currently available only in HK and through JHF-USA/New Horizons)
  • Partners in the UK, US, NZ, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Japan (these help with member care, home visits, prayer support, etc., and can offer limited support for associates working outside Asia)

Because our fees are so low, JHF does not have some things often covered by other associations’ fees:

  • a recruiting arm
  • regular publications/news for donors and others
  • retirement benefits or support
  • 401K or other retirement savings options
  • life insurance (or other forms of insurance not mentioned above)
  • active social media engagement
  • a large multi-lingual staff
  • tax-reporting receipts for any donations received outside Hong Kong (although some of our international partners can also issue receipts)