We don’t accept payment in Salt (as they did in ancient China), but you’ll find our costs quite reasonable…

Use the “contact form” (or Facebook link at the top of each page) to ask for details, but here are some of the dates and numbers you might be looking for.

New associates can start twice a year (and if you are already in China, you might qualify for additional alternatives). The application deadlines are:

  • 31 May for Summer intake (August orientation)
  • 30 September for Spring intake (February orientation)

Costs: (all are shown in Hong Kong dollars; subject to change without notice)

  1. An application fee of HK$800 per person or HK$1,450 for a married couple is required to start the formal application process (though we welcome questions and a dialog before that).
  2. All associates pay a basic annual fee:
    Annual fee for singles: HK$5,350
    Annual fee for couples/families: HK$7,375
  3. The JHF Orientation for a new associate (required): approx. HK$3,500.
  4. Associates are expected to attend an annual conference (normally in Hong Kong or Thailand). Costs in 2017 were HK$4145 per adult; $1900 child 12-17 yrs; $1400 child 4-11 yrs. Extra fees may apply (extra bed, extra room, etc).
  5. A few associates raise donations to help cover costs that would strain their local salary, such as annual conference, medical insurance, pensions, travel for multiple children, visas, and living expenses in China. Additional administrative fees may apply to such funds, depending on your nationality and circumstances. (For example, donations collected in the USA are subject to a 9.2% administrative fee).

JHF sets no specified “minimum salary” or “support level,” and associates enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to things like relocation, reporting, and use of after-work hours.

Contact us for details, or with specific questions.

All fees are given in Hong Kong Dollars. For an approximate cost in other currencies, please check XE.com – The Universal Currency Converter ®. In 2015, HK$1000 was approximately US$130.