What is JHF?

JHF-MD-Hosp-j3JHF is a network of innovative, multi-cultural professionals, and an organization that serves the communities of China (including Hong Kong) with hope and love.

JHF (the Jian Hua Foundation, Ltd) is a Hong Kong organization that links and supports professionals from many different countries who serve the people of Mainland China and Hong Kong. JHF is a non-profit company, founded in Hong Kong by Chinese academics and businessmen in 1981.

Certainly, COVID-19 has affected the work being done in China, making it more challenging to get started than it used to be. But opportunities are still available in many places, and we know of particular needs in Hong Kong. We are especially interested in networking the foreign professionals who continue to work on the Mainland and in Hong Kong. If interested, we would love to hear from you! (Click the “contact us” tab)

Six key terms describe JHF’s core values

  • Professional
    • JHF’s Associates are individuals who are committed to excellence in a variety of professions, working in both public and private institutions and companies.
  • China-focused
    • From it’s beginning, JHF has focused exclusively on China. For decades, we were allowed to have Rep Offices inside China, through which we cooperated with relevant authorities as an officially-registered organization. Unfortunately, the last of these offices had to close in 2020, but the professionals we link together are still employed by Chinese companies/schools/hospitals/etc. While we are happy to help short-term workers and language students, we are especially looking for those with a long-term desire to work in China (including Hong Kong).
  • Innovative
    • JHF encourages initiative and flexibility as the organization and its Associates review and adapt to changing opportunities among those we serve.
  • Multi-cultural
    • JHF Associates complement each other, benefiting from our differences in age, nationality, denomination, professional methodology and more. The headquarters is in Hong Kong, run by a Board of Directors, but Associates come from many places.
  • Network
    • JHF seeks to be a network that empowers and connects Associates [and their families] to care for one another in humility; JHF imposes minimal rules and fees on Associates, while constantly responding with support and intercession.
  • Servant-hearted
    • JHF encourages Associates to work in underserved populations with perseverance and joy, while acknowledging that there are people whom we can bless in every profession. We are especially seeking to expand our work among the underserved in Hong Kong, and perhaps to other parts of East Asia.

For additional information use the “contact us” tab. (Our Facebook address is “Jian Hua Foundation – HK.”)