Our Associate’s Values


Are you wondering if you are the right kind of person to take on a challenging career of service in China?

Our Associates value flexibility, compassion, lasting change and integrity; they feel called to China and to one another.

JHF Associates embrace six life-changing values or characteristics:

  • Fellowship
    • We lift one another up, encourage each other, and keep one another accountable, even as we value family and relationships with those around us; our conferences feel like a valued family-reunion.
  • Flexibility
    • We recognize the individual talent and gifts of each Associate, and value independence, autonomy & creativity.
  • Lasting change
    • We believe lasting change involves balance in mental, social, spiritual and emotional well-being, and thus we often seek to integrate training in our work so those we serve can continue to bless their families and community.
  • Integrity
    • We value excellence and cooperation at work, loyalty and truth in our relationships, and financial accountability to our partners.
  • Compassion
    • We value wisdom to discern the appropriate way/time to show empathy, sacrifice and self-control, seeking what is truly best for those we serve.
  • Calling
    • We have a keen sense that God wants us [and our families, if married] in China; with faith and courage, we trust Him to provide every needed resource [time, money, energy, sacrifice, relationships, balance, rest…].

If that describes you, contact us! You’ll find a contact form on the About us page.

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