Why join JHF?

Foreign professionals working in China face many challenges, but you don’t have to face them alone.

JHF expects our Associates to be professionals with a high degree of autonomy, but our staff is nearby to offer support while also promoting the relationships that make life enjoyable.

Some of the benefits of becoming a JHF Associate

  • Annual ConferenceJHFconf-j3
    • JHF’s annual conference is a week-long event (normally at a resort outside of China), meticulously designed to encourage, inspire, and provide a chance to rest. In addition to professional development seminars for Associates, we offer a Sunday-school-style program for children. Many of our children (and their parents) see the conference as a highlight of the year.
  • Low fees, high flexibility
    • JHF has a modest Annual Fee that helps our Hong Kong staff provide services to Associates and maintain connections within China. (We also help to fund special projects, and ongoing work in Hong Kong.) Some of our Associates also receive supplemental support from like-minded organizations back home, and we would be happy to link candidates to our international friends (ask for details). With the exception of our HK staff, JHF Associates are not “employed” by JHF; they are a network of professionals, who support one another as they help JHF achieve its charitable objective of “serving the communities of China with hope and love.” Because Associates are independent, they enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to things like relocation, reporting, and use of after-work hours.
  • Professional support networks
    • JHF-training-j3bJHF Associates take their professions seriously, desiring to serve with skill and compassion. Our Associates work with local colleagues to strengthen their professions in China, to educate the next generation, and to compassionately meet current needs. As such, we are available to each other to answer professional questions, share resources, and support each other in other ways. Specific support for some professions (such as seminars for teachers) is also a part of our annual conference.
  • Group health insuranceJHF-TTC_2016-451j3
    • Local insurance policies often lack the comprehensive coverage foreign professionals need for themselves and their families. JHF Associates are eligible for a 20% discount on an international, group health insurance policy with Talent Trust Consultants (TTC) of Malaysia. [Ask about other health insurance options.]
  • Responsive, nearby leadership
    • JHF Headquarters and Board of Directors are in Hong Kong, in the same time zone as our Associates. Our HK staff is readily available to answer enquiries, and to assist Associates who come to HK for special needs (medical, transit, etc). Furthermore, HK leadership actively seeks input from Associates when making important decisions. “Member Care” counsel/support is also available at the annual conference, through virtual connections, and (conditions permitting) through in-person visits.
  • International representation
    • Though we are a small organization, run mostly by volunteers, JHF’s partners offer various types of support in several countries. Write to ask us for information specific to Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. (We also have current or former Associates from other nations.)
  • Reasonable requirements
    • JHF understands that experts may face competing demands related to work, publishing, professional development, and other connections. While many Associates attend JHF’s conference annually and stay in close contact, actual requirements are light compared to similar organizations: conference attendance only once every three years, and minimal reporting/paperwork.
  • Family
    • Perhaps the best “perk” is JHF’s family atmosphere, especially felt at the annual conference. In the cities where our multiple Associates work, this “family” feel is also seen in monthly cluster meetings and occasional celebrations. As long as JHF exists, no foreign professional who serves in China needs to feel alone!

For additional information, click on the “contact us” or “fees” tab in the menu. (Our Facebook address is “Jian Hua Foundation – HK.”)