Credit card support–details

Thank you for your interest! Here are detailed instructions on how to make donations to JHF by credit card or Paypal. 



JHF (Jian Hua Foundation, Ltd) is a registered charity with Friends of Hong Kong Charities (FOHKC), who partners with Network for Good (who issues receipts for tax purposes) to process credit card and Paypal donations made primarily in US or HK dollars. This is a very SLOW, multi-month process, but we are grateful for these partners who make it convenient for donors (who are not in a hurry for the donation to arrive).

Similarly, JHF’s US partner (JHF-USA), works with New Horizons Foundation (who works with PayPal) to process donations made in US dollars and issue US tax receipts (usually within a month, though it takes longer for funds to arrive in HK).

As stated below, about 10-14% of your donation supports the intermediary organization, the credit card company, and/or JHF-in-general. If you wish to get your donation “to the work” quickly (with fewer intermediaries involved), please send funds directly to JHF by cheque or wire transfer (as shown on the linked “support” page). [Also note that the following instructions were accurate in 2018, but JHF has no control over procedure changes at FOHKC or NFG.]

Step 1

Designate which project or person you wish to support by using the form below, or write to inquiries-jhf (at) Please complete the form BEFORE you make the donation (if you change your mind or can’t complete the transaction, we’ll understand; your personal information will NOT be posted anywhere). This contact form is linked directly to JHF’s Finance Manager. [Note, this contact form does NOT ask for credit card info, so this is just “step one” of the process, mainly to help us get your donation where you want it to go.] Undesignated gifts will be used where needed most. 

Step 2: Send your support.

Friends of Hong Kong Charities

To make a donation of at least $103.00US (in HK currency), and get a receipt for Hong Kong tax purposes, BE SURE you’ve indicated “designation” in “STEP 1,” then click:

Select HK currency, type in the amount you want to give, click to indicate “One time, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual,” click the “I understand” box, select “Jian Hua Foundation” from the drop-down box, then click the verification box. Fill in the credit card/Paypal information, and click “Donate Now.” PLEASE NOTE: FOHKC requires you to enter the same name, email information and donation amount a second time after completing the transaction (sorry for the inconvenience!). Although you will be charged almost immediately, it will take two to six months for processing, as Friends of Hong Kong Charities is a small organization with a big job; they group and then send donations for many charities for currency exchange, and issue a check to JHF every other month (unless volume puts them behind schedule). FOHKC told JHF that they do not issue tax receipts for donations under $103US. Also note that JHF cannot issue a receipt or thank-you letter until the funds arrive in our office – normally that is 2-3 months, but so far, the record is an 8-month delay!

Important: Credit card donations from anywhere in the world and to any JHF associate/project are welcome through “FOHKC” (fees will be applied to convert other currencies to HK dollars). Approximately 90% of your donation will go to your designated recipient, via JHF in Hong Kong.

New Horizons Foundation

To make a donation of at least $75.00US (in US currency), and get a receipt for US tax purposes, BE SURE you’ve indicated “designation” in “STEP 1,” then click:

Select “Use where needed most” (or a specific drop-down project–email us for details), type in the amount you want to give, click to indicate “One time, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual,” and follow other directions. PLEASE NOTE: NHF can process donations for JHF’s general fund or HK projects (ask us in advance if you wish to support a specific associate). Sorry for the inconvenience. Although you will be charged almost immediately, processing could take several weeks. Approximately 9.5% will go to the credit card company, NHF or JHF-USA for processing (trans-ocean wires cost over $50). NHF will issue a US tax receipt by email almost immediately, expressing our gratitude.

Having problems?

If you live outside the USA, and have difficulty making a donation using a credit card, please try using the PayPal button (with either FOHKC or NHF). You do not need a PayPal account to donate in this way; you can still donate using a credit card. The PayPal form simply has greater flexibility in accepting international billing addresses.

If you can’t get all the way through the process, please try using a different browser (e.g., Explorer instead of Chrome, Safari, etc.). Some people experience trouble with one browser but not with others. Sorry for the inconvenience!

PLEASE NOTE: your tax receipt and bank statement will likely say “Paypal” instead of JHF or NHF; please note the date of your transaction and the amount of your donation so you can reconcile your bank statement later (though the date may be one or two off, and the amount may be in a different currency). To be sure your donation is credited in a certain tax year, please complete the transaction before December 1.

If you have any questions about making a donation, do not hesitate to contact us (via the form above, or info on our support page) for assistance. We have a small staff, so thanks for your patience.

Thank you for helping us serve the communities of China/Asia with hope and love.

(Our Facebook address is “Jian Hua Foundation – HK.”)